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Sorrento Foreshore

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Sorrento is the largest town on the Nepean Peninsula and the centre of numerous aquatic activities. The town sits on 20 m high, calcarenite bluffs, which outcrop at Policeman's Point. The point also divides the two Sorrento beaches. The Park Beach is backed by Sorrento Park, which has picnic facilities, a boat launching ramp and a number of private jetties and boat sheds. The 200 m long Sorrento Jetty runs out from Policeman's Point, with the Front Beach located on the eastern side. The beach is entirely backed by foreshore reserves with numerous facilities, including a second smaller jetty and a camping reserve toward the eastern end.

Both beaches face north-east and are sheltered from most waves, with the beach usually narrow and steep, and fronted by 100 to 150 m wide tidal flats. The water is deep inshore at high tide, while the flats are exposed at low tide.


Two relatively safe beaches, with bathing best at mid to high tide. However, stay clear of the busy main jetty and boat ramp.




The jetties are the most popular spots.


Two popular beaches with foreshore reserves containing most facilities for visitors.


Type: Formal parking area

Surface: Sealed

Spaces: 150

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